Thursday 4 May 2023

A re-boot

 When I started this blog back in 2009 it was primarily to create a record and to share some of the sights and experiences in Scotland's outdoors.  When things got busy with work or family life, the natural tendency was to post less, but lately I've really let it slip.  The last posts were some eight months ago - and they were recalling a trip in April 2022!  "Retirement" from a long career at sea in March 2022 was quickly followed by setting up a new venture in "retirement", so there has been a lot going on.

In my defence, I've been posting a lot on the Mountain and Sea Instagram page  and while enjoying the ability to post more or less instantly, I have missed the research and reflection that blogging offers.  

It's not like I haven't been getting out and about whether solo or with friends....  There have been some great sea kayak trips.... 

To the west - here on Loch Hourn

On the "home" patch of the Moray Firth in the northeast 

In the very heart of Scotland, here on Loch Ericht.

And in the far northwest, a here in Assynt.

The hills haven't been ignored either, whether in challenging weather

or in fair weather.

And talking of weather, the range of conditions experienced have been simply marvellous!

So that's the re-boot started, and hopefully I can do much better in posting here than of late!


  1. Good to see it back again Ian.

  2. Welcome back, I have missed your wonderful trip reports.

  3. Thank you Jayne, that's really kind - there will be another one along very shortly!

  4. Happy retirement Ian. I've just retired as well. As you say, one of the pleasures of doing a blog is looking back at 20 odd years of previous posts and being surprised at just how much we have packed into it without really being aware of the passing years. I've definitely slowed down and my enthusiasm for posting is not what it once was but spring and summer, with better weather, always gets me going out again. Good photography. Welcome back to blogland.

  5. Stunning photos on Instagram too! Love it!!!