Wednesday, 29 January 2020

A January sunrise

December 2019 gave some superlative skyscapes, and the "dark days" of January have continued the theme. We were up and about before dawn on one morning in the middle of the month and noticed a pink flush to the sky - the show was about to commence....

Flotillas of cloud were moving slowly overhead and were being lit from below with shades of pink and purple; the skyline trees were sharply silhouetted in contrast.  Beautiful as this was, what came next was totally unexpected.

Almost suddenly the whole distant sky fired up in a stupendous riot of colour from intense gold through ambers and purples - it was absolutely stunning.

Overhead the skeins of geese moving out across the Aberdeenshire farmland trailed wild music to accompany the sunrise.

The effect lasted for less than ten minutes before fading to an "ordinary" morning, but what a treat it had been.


  1. Lovely when that occurs. Wet and grey here past two months so the north east has had the best weather.

    1. We have that bob - long runs of westerly weather has left us in relative shelter, but with no snow either