Monday, 26 December 2016

A belated white Christmas

Christmas Day 2016 in Aberdeenshire was one of the warmest on record - we saw an afternoon temperature of 14.5 degrees Celsius. It was very windy though, a tearing gale ahead of Storm Conor - and once the front had passed........

...Boxing Day dawned with something altogether more seasonal!  The mild air has been replaced with temperatures hovering around freezing.......

...and snow showers never too far away.  A white Christmas - belatedly.


  1. Almost the opposite here in the US Midwest. Cold and dreary on Christmas and today it is 68F, 20c.

  2. It's strange weather Dan - that's for sure. A very happy Christmas to you!

    Slainte :o)

  3. Not much snow down here. Prefer it cold and sunny to dull and wet. Hope you had a nice Christmas Ian.

    1. Thanks Bob - and a very happy Christmas to you; best wishes for 2017