Saturday, 26 April 2014

Small hill, wide skies

 Ahead, Lord Arthur's Hill is a swelling heather dome.  Paths go to both the north and south sides of the hill so there's normally an option to stay sheltered from any adverse weather on the short climb.  The ascent from the general level of the Correen Hills ridge is just 80 metres and at a gentle angle.

The Gorse is in full bloom even up here on the exposed hillside; the distinctive coconut smell of the flowers quite strong in the sunshine.

On the short climb, the view across the valley of the River Don is to Coiliochbhar Hill, the last hill I climbed prior to a long spell at work.

From the summit shelter on Lord Arthur's Hill the view is much wider than the modest height of 518m (1699 ft) woulod suggest.  The view to the east extends alll the way to the North Sea near Aberdeen.  Closer to hand, my route home lies down the curving heather ridge; the house just beyond the spur above the green fields.

Looking back along the afternoon's walk, the full ridge can be seen.  I'd emerged from the forest just on the skyline and followed the ridge right to left.  The Correen Hills play a subtle optical trick in that distances look very long but reel off with little effort.  I consider myself very fortunate to have these super hills right on my doorstep.

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  1. Hi Ian, such soft and textured colours...and gorse that smells like coconut. Difficult to believe...until we smelled it! Similar thanksgiving for the Angus Glens...on our doorstep. :) Warm wishes. Duncan.