Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Warm water and white sand - Florida's Fort George River

We paddled steadily onward down the Fort George River, which is unusual in having State Parks on both banks. 

The water is shallow and warm, the river is a dynamic environment of shifting sandbars edged with saltmarsh habitats.


This was a fun trip!  Those who hadn't paddled previously were able to relax and enjoy our journey in sheltered water.  Iain had a huge grin all day - even after an unplanned swim whilst enthusiastically practising turns.......  :o)

We paddled under the bridge which carries the A1A  road.  The tidal stream was running nicely under the bridge and gave a bit of easy moving water to play in.

Once past the bridge we turned north along the course of the river, which is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by a long sand spit.  Near the end we pulled up onto the white sand for a break.  This far out along the sand we shared it only with gulls, waders and Pelicans.

We had a great time swimming in the warm water and playing balance games in the boats.  Two of our group, neither of whom had sat in a kayak previously, managed to do 360 degree shuffles on the back deck, and to stand up in the boats -  great stuff!

 Joe demonstrated sculling for support, with a Florida twist - no spraydeck.....   Supporting the flooding boat was a most impressive effort

A happy group of British paddlers on a warm Florida beach  :o)

Our journey back to the boat launch at the Ribault Club was speeded by a breeze at our backs and a bit of tidal assistance.  

We'd like to thank Joe and Hennessy for a really enjoyable day.  If you're visiting north Florida, we can thoroughly recommend a trip with First Coast Outfitters!

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