Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A morning meeting at Millport

The brief window of calm weather lasted into a second day, and plans were made for a day's paddling on the Firth of Clyde.  My good friend Douglas would cross from the Ayrshire coast with a some companions whilst I would cross from the Isle of Bute.

Our meeting point was planned for mid-morning at Millport on the island of Great Cumbrae.  The day was grey and misty with visibilty just a couple of miles.  My route cut across the main shipping channel into the Clyde estuary, so I checked the Ship AIS website to get a look at what shipping might be moving at my planned crossing time.  Launching from Kilchattan Bay at the south end of Bute, I paused to allow the Yasa Scorpion to pass up the channel.  She is an 81000 tonne tanker and was bound from Nigeria to Finnart on Loch Long.

Once the giant ship had passed, I crossed the Clyde and headed across the Tan, the water separating the Great and Little Cumbraes and so into Millport Bay.

I soon collected an escort of Common Seals.  Some of the more curious followed very closely, to the amusement of some folk on the Millport seafront, the cry of "It's behind you Mister!" was heard....

Soon after arriving at Millport, a VHF call confirmed the arrival of Douglas, together with David, Jennifer,.......

.....Phil and Andrew.  This being our first meeting of the New Year, and the morning well enough advanced, the meeting was marked with a small dram of Jura Superstition

After catching up on each other's news we were back on the water, heading south across the Tan towards Little Cumbrae.


  1. It must be a bit scary meeting the Yasa scorpian in your craft. Last time I visited Millport was when I was 14 ... customary cycle around the island ... never seen the place yet !!

  2. Hi Jay, she certainly was a big object in the channel - and I know how invisible kayaks can be from the bridge of a big ship :o)

    Funnily enough, despite living on Bute for nearly ten years, this was my first visit to Millport!

    Kind Regards