Tuesday, 22 January 2013

An atmospheric end to an atmospheric day

 Descending from Coiliochbhar Hill towards the ruined farmstead at Tibberchindy I walked down through the mist which had clung to the eastern slopes of the hills all day.  As the evening was approaching it began to break up, giving soft focus effects as the pale winter sun began to emerge.

 A growing blaze of colour began to spread across the horizon as the sun dropped.  The effect was reminiscent of  J.M.W Turner's paintings of sunsets

The colour developed to a gorgeous golden glow which washed the ambient light, changing subtly by the minute.  I knew that hanging around would mean walking along the roads towards home in the dark, but this was not to be missed.

An atmospheric end to an atmospheric day.


  1. Such an amazing sphere this planet is, Ian. How wonderful to capture and share its moods, so many of which are quite surreal. Duncan.

  2. Belated happy New Year Ian. Looks like you've had better weather in the East. It was *really* grim over here yesterday.


  3. Hi Duncan, it certainly is amazing - and every sunset unique :o)

    Kind Regards


  4. Hi Andy,

    Happy New Year! Actually this walk was about ten days ago, before the snow. Currently over two feet of snow in the north east and bitterly cold.....

    Kind Regards