Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Winter sunset, Loch of Skene

Winter is coming.  We've already had a blast of snowy weather and the last week has seen bright, cold days with penetrating frosts at night.  Some of the shallower lochs have already gathered a skin of ice.

Driving out of Aberdeen towards home, we passed the Loch of Skene just as the sun was setting.  We stopped to watch and were treated to the sound of hundreds of geese arriving to roost on and around the loch; it's a true sound of the wild and just a few miles from the centre of a busy city.

Winter sunsets are often the best, the air clear and sharp.  Before we arrived home the temperature had dropped to -5 Celcius.  Winter is most certainly coming.


  1. Thank you Joao, it was a beautiful evening

    Kind regards