Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer Isles afternoon

 A group of paddlers rounded the point and headed for Isle Ristol's alluring beach.  They were a group from a club in Cumbria in the north of England and were on a multi day trip.  We chatted for a while about plans, the weather and the location, agreeing that there could be few better places to be on a day like this one.

 But it was time for me to head off.  There is plenty to explore on Isle Ristol and I'll return someday to do just that.  The area of the Summer Isles is probably one of the more popular sea kayaking destinations in northwest Scotland, offering sheltered paddling, great wildlife, super views and opportunities for much more challenging trips.  Small wonder that it's so popular despite being a long way from just about anywhere.

Passing through the Caolas Eilean Ristol (the Kyles (narrows) of Isle Ristol), the main group of the Summer Isles lay a couple of kilometres across a glassy sea.  The view to the south was increasingly hazy as the predicted weather change grew nearer.

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