Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Snow showers, clearing later

The forecast for Sunday was for lighter (Force 4) westerly winds and "snow showers, clearing later".  Overnight the remains of the windy weather passed over, followed by a period of rain and hail.

The widescreen weather forecast from Lower Breakish in the morning was encouraging.  There was a dusting of snow on the Red Cuillin hills in the distance and a cloud banner on Beinn na Caillich (old woman's hill).

By mid morning we were getting on the water from the old pier at Broadford.  As we were taking the boats off the trailer the dark cloud approaching from the west turned into a heavy snow shower.  Sitting in slush to start the day is such an enjoyable part of sea kayaking!

We planned a circular route taking in three of the islands in the Inner Sound; Scalpay, Longay and Pabay.   On our way out to Scalpay the snow shower passed us and headed eastward over the Applecross hills, completely blotting out the view in that direction.

To the west however, the view wasn't a bad one!  The hills of the Red Cuillin lack the ridges and drama of the Black Cuillin but are a very fine range in themselves.

Between the slopes of Beinn na Caillich and Beinn na Cro, part of the ridge of Blaven was catching the morning sunlight.

Scotland never looks better than with a bit of blue sky and some snow on the hills.  We paddled leisurely onward, just enjoying the view.

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