Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hirta's south and west coasts

We turned north west and began our journey below the cliffs of Hirta's southwest coast.  This stretch is exposed to the full effect of the North Atlantic swell, we were lucky to experience it on a quiet day.

However, "quiet" is a relative term and there was still a considerable swell surging at the cliff bases.  We kept offshore a little to avoid the worst of the clapotis and to get a wider view of the cliffs.

Looking back to Mullach Bi, yet another dramatic skyline is revealed

The scale of the cliffs constantly caused us to have to adjust perspective - I couldn't get Morag and the top of this cliff near An Campar in the frame even at the widest angle my camera could manage!

Rounding An Campar, the northwest tip of Hirta, we got our first view into the Sound of Soay which separates Hirta from Soay (sheep island), where we'd arranged to meet Cuma for a lunch date with a difference


  1. Some amazing photographs Ian. It must have been one helluva trip. I'd love to do something like that myself. I had a wee chuckle at the comment you made about tying off the kayaks - would have been just 'wrong' if you fluffed that knot with all the 'salty sea-dog' experience you've got! Some fabulous rare pictures there too.

  2. Hi Bill, thanks, glad you like it! I was asked whether I'd used a bowline or a round turn & 2 half hitches to secure the boats. i can report that it was both, plus a "dhobi hitch" for good measure! :o)