Monday, 27 June 2011

Stac Lee and Village Bay

Murdani now turned cuma away from Boreray and headed soth west toward the main island, Hirta.  On the way we passed close to Stac Lee (the grey stac)

This is another impressive stack, rising to 172 metres and once again covered with Gannets.  Here too the St Kildans landed to harvest the birds and built stone cleitean to store the catch, they must have been phenomenal cragsmen.

A look back at Stac an Armin from the base of Stac Lee

On the 8km passage from Boreray to Hirta we were all thinking the same thing, how brilliant it would be to kayak around the stacs and the Boreray coast, but would the weather permit it?

Cuma rounded the northern arm of Village Bay and we got our first sight of Village Bay.  There's no denying that the military buildings do impose on the scene.

Bur what caught our attention more were the older stone buildings and the many Cleitean dotted around the landscape.  As Gary anchored Cuma, thoughts turned to getting onto the water.


  1. Wonderful natural scenery and the way you have captured it, both in this post and the other relevant ones.

  2. Thanks Jay,

    It is a wonderful place, and very dramatic

    Kind regards