Tuesday, 24 May 2011

After the wind

Much of Scotland is clearing up today after an area of exeptionally strong winds crossed the country on 23rd May.  Gusts of 160kph (100mph) were widely recorded, with mean strengths of over 110kph (70mph) in some areas for a large part of the day.  In the Beaufort scale, this puts the winds between Storm and Hurricane force.

We're fortunate not to experience the extreme weather events which some parts of the world endure, but this was a pretty strong wind.

42,000 homes were without power for varying lengths of time with many still to be reconnected, road were blocked, ferries and trains cancelled.  It's a reminder that nature is in charge, even in a supposedly benign month.  The gales are continuing today but at greatly reduced speeds

Lots of trees are down, often large mature ones like here.  The tree has fallen over a very well used path alongside the River Don.  We walk this path 3 or 4 times a week.

It's been a strange period of weather.  After the calm and warm days of April, May has been very unsettled.  The west of the country has been inundated with almost endless rain, as commented on by our friends Simon & Liz.  Here in the north east it's been much drier, in fact the river levels are well below the seasonal norm.  It's been windy and showery, but nothing like yesterday's blow.

We're hoping for something more settled soon, but the weather forecasts don't offer too much hope!

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