Tuesday, 18 May 2010

First Steps on Loch Ailort

I've known my friend Dave for nearly 20 years. We've shared some great times on and off the hill in good weather and bad. Our hill and climbing days together have forged the deep and intuitive partnership that mountains do. However, Dave was a bit reticent about sea kayaking. He'd had a quick blast in a sea kayak about a year ago, but I finally persuaded him to venture out on a full day paddle.

We chose Loch Ailort on a bright Spring day. I really hoped we'd have a good day, and certainly our first destination, Eilean nan Gobhar was a good start. We landed and explored the vitrified hill forts on the high point of the island.

The view back along the loch to Roshven was good too.

The beach we landed on for lunch was little short of superb.

Coming back along the loch, we passed this bothy, which had several folk in residence for the weekend.

Not a bad day for a first trip!


  1. Paradise! I'm heading to Ardnamurchan tomorrow morning, so I hope the weather is as good (not likely though).

  2. Iain,

    I hope the weather held for you!